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Originally Posted by Zorbfish View Post
Data is written on the front/top and read from the back/bottom. That's why if the bottom gets scratched to hell you can still sometimes read it fine but if the top is damaged not so much.
From those pics I imagine there is some data lost or it left the disc unreadable in spots. The reason you can see through it is because the top was destroyed
Exactly. Also in general, the bottom layer is considered sensitive because scratches alter laser reflection (yeah, everyone knows that ).

To add on this subject, it seems that it's specifically those thick "sponges" from some multi-discs sets which are problematic.

The "disc protection pads" do not seem made of the same kind of material, and then not as prone to age-destruction as those sponges.
I found some of those pads originally included in a box (even glued to the CD case under the CDs location), the Falcom Special Box '91.
So quite an old release, but the pads haven't degraded much, leaving some fiber here and there on the data surface, but directly moving away when blown on, so apparently no more problematic than occasional dust fiber getting on the data surface.
Still, better be checking those once a year to see how they age i think.


Actually, when looked at on a higher resolution picture, the pads i linked here are not the same type as the older pads, like those from the Falcom Box i described.
The old ones are more like a "toilet mat" (eh) than microfiber. So possibly more prone to age deterioration than the latest produced.

-edit again-

It seems some microfiber type pads can also be found in old original releases, for example under the two discs placed on the middle part of the case for this album:

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