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Default AIR RESCUE (#9529)

SEGA RETRO currently lists this game under Masanori Takeuchi's work history. However, this is a confirmed guess by editor PaulProsser.
I THINK he did the arcade version of "Air Rescue". The beats used in some of those songs are what he later did in "Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders".
However, there is a bit of evidence that suggests this guess might be correct. In the Sanpe column entry Takeuchi writes, he says that he worked with Hiro on his SEGA debut. Considering Takeuchi's earliest known work is GOLDEN AXE: The Revenge of DEATH ADDER (1992.09), AIR RESCUE would be reasonable as being a debut game for him, especially considering they run on the same arcade board. Based on Hiro's game history listed in his Hitmaker profile, the only games Hiro worked on that closely predate GOLDEN AXE: The Revenge of DEATH ADDER would be Dream Palace, AIR RESCUE and Stadium CROSS, so Takeuchi is likely to have worked on at least 1 of those 3.
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