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Thanks for all the information everyone!

I'm currently in Japan. I've only been able to find the tower records in shibuya so far. I'll report back on what I find in Akihabara later doay.

- Tower Shibuya is enormous - a must visit for any music fan. The prices here are steep. expect to pay at least 25,000 yen (roughly $25) per cd. As a foreigner expect to use google translate. On every floor I visited nobody spoke any english. I recommend you keep a list of what you want in Japanese. That way you can point to it and the staff can help you find it. Everything is in alphabetical order but if you don't speak Japanese it's not very helpful.

* As said earlier the selection is primarily new releases.

* They do accept credit. I've learned the hard way not every cd store does! Always bring cash (a lot of it too)

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