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Going forward I Wil try to take more pictures. I just realized that would be really helpful.

Madarake Akihabara

* Credit cards accepted here

-huge manga/anime/video game store. Isles are narrow so don't bring a large bag. As usual staff don't speak English so you'll either need to look at every single cd individually or look up what you want in Japanese. Use this site or to find the Japanese title of what you want and keep that list on your phone.

Eclectic mix of used and new cd's. Comparing a few prices you can save a bit compared to tower or friends if you don't mind used cds. As an example the Megaman x 1-6 collection is $130 at Friends new but only $60 at Madarake. my "used" cd's were in excellent condition btw. I was able to grab a really wide variety of stuff like zuki-in and Parasite Eve remixes and a beatmania visual dvd.

I Highly suggest coming on a weekday in the morning/afternoon. It is NOT fun being here on a saturday night. You'll be elbow to elbow with dozens of people in a very hot room with no space to move.

Friends Akihabara

* Bring cash
* It's above a ramen shop. Every site that says the only indicator is a tiny chalkboard outside are still correct
* No english spoken

2 Rows of vgm. One small section is dedicated to box sets like beatmania best collection the Megaman X 1-6 collection and the "Game Club Music Event "Legend" set. There is a glass case section with high ticket items (above $80 or so). Overall i'd say you can find those 10-20 year old classics but you will absolutely be paying top dollar. Here are some rough prices I remember

Bare Knuckle 2 $40-50

Street Fighter Zero 3 40-50

Beatmania Super Best Box $180

As of this writing you can save $50 on the Beatmania box at This place is definitely worth a visit though. The collection isn't huge but is varied. I didn't see their box sets anywhere else.
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