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Default Alfa ALR-6012 Yellow Magic Orchestra

What are everybody's thoughts on adding this one (along with the American versions) to the database? I suppose it is the first album that contains tracks that are based on music from actual videogames (never heard it myself though...). Since the samples, from the arcade games "Circus" and "Space Invaders" were recreated on a synthethizer, it would fall under the "arranged" category. Apparently the music from Space Invaders included in track 2 is somewhat different from the original Taito arcade game. I don't know how faithful the bits from "Circus" are. On the (Japanese) Wikipedia page it says they tried to record the music from Circus from the actual arcade machine, but didn't like it and remade it on synthesizer. To clarify, the two tracks I'm talking about are the following:

Track 01: COMPUTER GAME "Theme From The Circus"
Track 05: COMPUTER GAME "Theme From The Invader"

So, any opinions on this one?
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