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Default Video Game Blind Test, test your video game music culture

Hello everyone!

I'm a huge fan of video game musics and I love to test my knowledge with music quiz. I recently searched an Android application that generates random video game music quiz, but without any success...

That's why I've decided to make this application myself. I've worked hard but It's now available for free on Amazon Store =>

In this game, you choose what you want to guess among the name of the title, the game from where it comes from or its composer. If you own an Amazon Game Circle account, your scores are stored in a leaderboard, and you can unlocked some achievements.

For now, there are 1400+ titles, but it's only from J-RPG games (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Bravely Default, Ocarina of Time, Pokémon, Xenoblade, etc...), but I planned to add a lot more from all kind of games.

The advantage of this application is that there is no music in the app, its size is only 2.6 Mo. All music extracts are streamed from a server that retrieves you only 30 secondes randomly from the complete track.

A training mode is also available, allowing you to exclude some games/game series from the quiz.

Please let me know what I should enhance to make this appliction better. Is there a game that you would like to add to the list? What is missing for you?
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