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Default COCC-7158 spotted on Yahoo! Japan... Is this a Kid Icarus arranged album?

Hi All,

While searching for 'Mario CD' on Yahoo Auctions Japan I found this interesting album.:

I am suspecting this may be an arranged Kid Icarus album. My suspicion is based on the picture of the front liner notes cover-- showing a a young angel-looking kid with arrows and wearing boots, along with something that looks like Medusa and a princess. However, My Japanese reading is so banal that I cannot even translate the front cover. Also, It's published by Japan Columbia, the same company that released the few Super Mario Land albums and some other Nintendo OSTs (I believe).

So if anyone can give me more information on this that would be great. There are a efw more floating around on Yahoo Auctions Japan right now; just do a search for 'マリオ CD' (Mario CD-- just cut and paste that phrase into and you will see maybe three or four if you wade through all of the search results.

If this is indeed an arranged album of the original NES Kid Icarus I will definitely be voting on it using (Has anyone else here used them? They seem pretty expensive, actually!).

Thanks everyone for whatever information you can give me on this :-).
Thanks - Aotearoa (Mark Terry)
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