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Default LACA-9188~9: School Days VOCAL COMPLETE ALBUM

I've edited 3 Romanji tracks. For some reason Disc 2 track 10-12 the name "Kotonoha (言葉)" had "Kotoba" so the change is only to that.
Before edit
10 Still I Love You ~Mitsumeru yori wa Shiawase~ (Sekai & Kotoba ver)
11 Innocent Blue (Sekai & Kotoba ver)
12 First Note (Sekai & Kotoba ver)

Other changes are addition under Platforms represented, Series. This CD covers both songs from the 4 PC games AND animation series plus OVA (Magical Heart Kokoro).

Kotonoha Days and Sekai Days from what I gathered was a April fools prank attempt by 0verflow (makers of the game) so I added it in under the Products represented not just for that but since in the Booklet p. 31-32 and Booklet p. 33-34 it is credited bottom-right/left. Here's a trailer what I could find. Sekai Days and Kotonoha Days / Thread on it. I'm not sure if they should stay as is so whatever decision.

Provided Disc ID, filled entry of composed, arranged, lyrics, and performer, as well as scans and a minor edit on the Japanese track or time.

A request for the removal of "Original Soundtrack" in the Classification field it's only a Vocal Album there's no BGM music. I'd like it to be replaced by "Original Work" since on Disc 2 the last two tracks haven't been released as far as I know. I've also highlighted "Remix" since Disc 1 track 8 is a remix of Disc 1 track 1.

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