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Default Link submission page for albums

Staff and trusted editors will notice the new "Manage Links" item in the album edit menu. This will take you to a page where you can edit links to Companies (to be implemented soon), Series & Products (not yet implemented), and Websites (already implemented).

This means, for now, you can add multiple website links to each album, identical to the process for artist websites. You can designate them as "Official" (for pages at the company or publisher website dedicated to the album), "Reference" (Wikipedia, other cataloguing websites), "Review" (articles, ratings) and "Retail" (Amazon, CDJapan, any site where you can purchase the album).

This functionality takes over the old website field in the album submission page. I've already run a script to copy over all links that are unique -- general publisher URLs have been dropped (since this will be taken over by the publisher database).
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