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bahamut, what you said was just a bad analogy and i dont know how you draw a distinction like that in your mind. all i can say about that is that for me, that particular scenario wouldnt ever happen and leave it at that. i donno if you got what i wrote really.

to clarify a few things and as i already said in the last message, there is nobody at all helping steve other than me. there is no remixsite 'staff' other than steve. i am not a staff member, at one point i was going to be a staff member but when we couldnt come to contractual terms i bowed out of any of that. i honestly did not want to be staff for his or any site because i dont want to get mixed up with this kind of thing, the politics, the decisions that have to be made. but why do you think that remixsite are the victims in this? are there actually 'victims'? i dont see that..all i see is people pointing the finger saying 'you need to stop whining about how people arent helping you and umm' without really giving any constructive ideas to the guy, all but inferring that he should give up. thats when people should just straight up not say anything at all, because it makes whoever is doing the sayin look equally as bad as the one complaining.

not only is it mean, it makes me a little bit nervous and makes my stomach hurt to think that theres not enough community in the community to give a few posi suggestions and not just hatefulness.

yes, i guess maybe you guys see it as steves thinking and mindset are making himself and his site out to be a victim or maybe you dont think that his mindset in all of it has all but collapsed his hope in doing it, so in either case theres really nothing for anybody to 'dig' in or out of. he spoke some truth. i am a fairly impartial onlooker in all of this because ive had nothing to lose or gain in any of it and from both sides of the coin i can see this and agree and disagree with certain aspects of all of it.

i have done what i can for remixsite as passively as well as sincerely as possible, and ive told steve when i can or cant make an obligation to the site that i dont think is right for _me_. dont be so quick to forget or turn a blind eye to what youve seen and what you can see in life. i really have no anger or frustration personally towards dave or anybody at ocr. but i felt like i had to point out this thread, really i am just let down that there couldnt or maybe cant be a convergence of the effort everybodys put forth so that this can grow as much as it has the potential to.

im certainly not saying that dave didnt acknowledge anybody thats ever wrote him or tried to correspond, and im sure that hes answered tons more than he's ignored, but he and larry didnt reply to any of steves attempts at correspondence and i have told him and larry both privately that steve has been trying to get in touch with him before. everything that could be done to simply make communication happened, and thats what has made steve so frustrated with the situation. if you dont like that and how it happened and how its been made light of here now, thats cool. but keep in mind that unlike steve, i have a clear knowledge of ocr's history and the stuff thats happened over the years and anybody can say what they want, but i know whats happened and what hasnt. notice i havent and wont say a single utterance about money. im strictly talking about how people are being treated.

i certainly didnt say any of dave's work didnt matter either, it's not that. the very fact that you'd admit publically that he ignores your pm's when you are staff is some needtoknow basis information that nobody even questioned and makes ocr look less bad on top of the crappy stuff thats been said. my personal opinion is that if you dont want your plans at ocr continue to take as long to come together as they do then you need to start improving your communication over because real lucrative opportunities happen to everybody all the time and if you guys dont improve your communication skills and stop acting like your status quo is as complacent as you say it is. it isnt. not to me. and this is kind of what this is all about, is it not? you're admitting that he sometimes lets things slip by, but when i tell you that in my history of what i do that i have never let anything like that slip then i guess it does indeed comes off as standoffish and i can understand that, and i didnt mean for it to be that way. i wanted it to be an example of how what you're saying and what dave is doing are not the same things. i can admit and be apologetic without letting the frustration out, maybe steve isnt so lucky.

one last thing before i go, i absoltely didnt say he wasnt appreciative of the help he receives either, what i said is that he is taking a little too much credit for the sum of the whole of the work. did he not do that in this thread? that isnt an accusation. its right there in writing. he got real mean towards steve when he didnt need to even reply, and/or it could have been an email to steve privately if he had something to say to him now. but i guess maybe he wanted to say that publically to him? i really dont know man.

if it was how you were saying it is...well you wouldnt be saying in the same breath that he ignores the staff's attempts at communication. its hard to take whats said here at face value.