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Originally Posted by shawnphase View Post
the only thing im surprised by is how youve tried to mitigate those shortcomings you guys have as a whole with ocr and act like its unwarranted for someone to be frustrated with the organization as a whole when they are ignored repeatedly and you guys lie about it and say whatever it is you are saying to absolve yourselves of how people will view that. steve knew i was trying to get you guys to get in contact with him but nobody wanted to on your end. maybe steve could have helped ocr a fucking ton, but now you guys will probably never find out because you choose to simply not understand. as far as the projects ocr has, it sounds like you guys have too much on the plate and not enough manpower to help out with crucial details.
I haven't read through all posts but I just want to chime in on this. To be frustrated with us as an organization is okay but OCR is a not-for-profit organization doing a metricfuckton of work available for free for everyone. OCR does not owe anyone anything in any way, Dave keeps OCR alive and works on it without getting a single penny to anything else than server costs. When you come and say we're mean because we didn't help Steve start a new remix site that TO ME seem like it came out of "OCR isn't good enough".. I don't get that. This is not about being mean, we're regular people that have invested so much free time in OCR it's mindblowing. We take care of hundreds of submissions a year and the sights been running for 10 years.

What is there even to "understand"? The first I saw about remixSite was a post on the OCR forums telling people it had started and that it was another part of VGM remixing. That's great, good on ya for trying, but why should OCR help him with that? Sure, we can co-exist and it'd probably be good if people liked the concept of remixSite but I really, REALLY don't see what it has to do with OCR at all. We're not the VGM community, the people are the VGM community.

As far as manpower that's being handled. And if the "crucial details" would be responding to all PMs or helping another, newly started website get on it's feet or work together with OCR.. well, I don't know what to say. Believe me when I say there are things that are just plain more important for OCR and the community as a whole. No offense meant by any of this by the way, I hope you continue with VGM Shawn.