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Originally Posted by BahamutWC View Post
You need to get a grip on assuming too much. It is clear you do not understand the life of a person who pushes his/her time usage to the max - if you think making accusations like that is more important than coming up with good design decisions, then ok, but don't expect anyone to give you a positive response when you act like a psycho like this.
im not trying to pick a fight wes, but did you tell dude not to assume so much, then you make that same kind of assumption about how he budgets his time? thats bullshit buddy! you dont know anything about steve's main job or his secondary jobs, do you? i do. so do you even see your flawed logic here? you probably dont care, i donno why im gonna reply after i said im done. i guess its on the off chance that you'll give a second thought to the way youre acting and the way it comes off to me. you're kinda comin off like a holier than thou jerk..

And for the record, I work essentially 12-14 hours of generally mentally straining work a day, including doctoral research at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and get over 200 emails a day, so don't give me that crap that it's not difficult. I personally try to get on top of things, but sometimes emails do fall through the cracks - it happens. At the least I'm not going to assume the worst when I have no way of verifying the exact details without contacting the person through other social media.
thats well and fine for you, and im sure it is good work to do. 12-14 hours of mentally straining work a day can be tough if its physical work, but i see you on irc talking every day so i doubt its as mentally straining as you're purporting.

putting what you do 'for the record' into an argument makes you look like you have something to say as if you wanted to be bragging about it, and for the sake of argument. so like, wwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy.. its nocworthy as far as this discussion is concerned; when you accuse someone of something and then act like this and do the almost same exact thing you accuse them of, it kind of makes you look like you dont know what you're talking about as simply a person who might have personality traits that are considerate of others.

and hey, i dont really know for sure. i dont know you. what i saw was you comin off looking real one dimensional and falsely justified with your replies here, as youve brought up things that really have no bearing or relevance to the topic or discussion or how it fits into the big picture simply to justify YOUR opinion.

conversely to what you're telling steve, you shouldnt consider someone's perspective to the big picture of what they see an 'accusation' when other people see that 'accusation' as something that actually happened and is based in fact.

If you're going to be so assuming about people, have you ever thought that it might not be them with the problem of not caring necessarily, but you being insensitive to their life? Do you care that little about other people that you are willing to assume something about them without substantial evidence?
These are honest questions.
this rhetoric that you think you can afford to him has been sullyed by making an example out of yourself. that i believe is a fair opinion. makes you look presumptuous and inconsiderate too. if you want to deny that you're being fairly insensitive, then you'll have to agree that you are baselessly pointing the finger. thats an honest accusation to be sure.

However, as djpretzel said earlier, if you're more interested in the blame game than finetuning your website, then you have no one to blame for the lack of a community. The adage "if you build it, they will come" rings true here - the foundation is the problem, and if you want to give people a reason to visit the site frequently, then you need to spend the time & work fixing that. Otherwise, the rest is just noise to cover up your own deficiencies.

That is all I have to say about this - it'd be great if you matured/manned up, but that's up to you.
i believe steve is just used to being a little too forthcoming publically about his website rather than actually doing the nut up, shut up, and implementing the sticky-sitecentric changes ive suggested to him that would help people use and give remixsite a chance without thinking that he's a little too pushy.. but thats not gonna happen. progress there in terms of simple changes to the frontend endproduct like edit/deletion options, menu options, real simple navigation things simply hasnt happened as much as i've tried to tell steve that those things need to be changed or nobody will want to use the site, much less actually use it. in short, i've tried to help him out as much as i can to guide him in the right direction, but he keeps making all the wrong turns. so im stepping out of having anything to do with remixsite from now on.
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