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But srsly, I'm a friend to both sides of this argument, and know people personally on both sides in this thread, and I gotta say that it's not doing ANY good to keep arguing like this. It's unprofessional and makes both sides look bad. This is coming from someone unbiased, since I pretty much like ALL of you and what you stand for in this thread.

Quintin: The OCR guys are right when they say that your public criticisms against OCR aren't helpful or professional. Burning bridges with the biggest site in the niche isn't a good way to get ahead, and while I understand it's frustrating as hell that you can't get any help from them, but there's really no obligation on their part to show you or your site goodwill. However, your apology *is* a good way to get back on friendly terms and put this behind us.

OCR: Okay dudes, your site gets how many hits a week :P ? There wasn't really anything in this forum that gets a post every few days that merits the response gotten, and having half the site's leadership come here to argue with isn't very professional - and from what I can see, doesn't actually benefit you. How would you feel about Bill Gates posting in the Apple forums about the "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials?

Like I said, I like both of you and I'm not trying to rift my relationship with either group here. I'd just like to point out that this argument isn't actually helping anyone on either side. We just need more <3.

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