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courtesy of GlitterBerri in #vgmdb:

[22:08:41] <GlitterBerri> I have some information on him and I wanted to give it to someone who cared
[22:12:05] <GlitterBerri> (...) I translated that Cyzo interview about him awhile back, if you're interested in giving it a read.
[22:12:19] <GlitterBerri> But more importantly, I'm in contact with him and he gave me a list of the games he remembers working on
[22:14:35] <GlitterBerri> • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 8: The Solitaire (PS1)
[22:14:36] <GlitterBerri> • Rocky Hopper (PS1)
[22:14:36] <GlitterBerri> • Robot Construction (x6800)
[22:14:36] <GlitterBerri> • Motor Squad (Windows)
[22:14:36] <GlitterBerri> • Benkei Gaiden (PCE)
[22:14:36] <GlitterBerri> • Appare Tonosama (SFC)
[22:14:37] <GlitterBerri> • Outlive (PCE)
[22:14:37] <GlitterBerri> • 2 Batmans (Cancelled mid-development, another version was released)
[22:14:37] <GlitterBerri> • Gimmick (FC)
[22:16:32] <GlitterBerri> He also said
[22:16:38] <GlitterBerri> "I believe there are several other titles that I composed for independently.
[22:16:38] <GlitterBerri> In addition, I was subcontracted by several design companies back then (not the companies that actually sold the games), and I composed what they told me to, but I don't know what titles the songs were used in. (I have a feeling that they were distributed over a number of titles."
[22:17:36] <GlitterBerri> "As over 20 years have passed since then, the composition data was recorded on floppy disks and DAT, which can't even be viewed anymore. I'd know it was my work if I heard it, though. Solitaire is selling on Amazon. A soundtrack was released for Purumui Purumui, but it's not being produced anymore. That means the only soundtracks I have on hand to listen to are Purumui Purumui, Solitaire, and Gimmick. Incidentally, the music on the
[22:17:36] <GlitterBerri> Gimmick soundtrack released last year was borrowed from Sakai, the programmer. I also listened to the original song on YouTube in order to recreate the sheet music for the ending theme."
[22:17:49] <GlitterBerri> "To tell you the truth, I'd love to have an accurate list, myself... It's a relic from another age, and I've stopped composing for a living (though I've taken it back up as a hobby, recently), and there are a lot of companies that have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I don't really know. I'm really sorry about the vagueness of the list."
[22:18:04] <GlitterBerri> And, finally, "I've composed 800 game songs, if you include short jingles. The other 200 were for events, background music to videos, etc. The 1000 song figure you cited were written over a period of 10 years, while I was working as a composer."
[22:21:43] <GlitterBerri> He also said that he's going to start composing as a hobby again after the new year and he's getting a space set up for it
[22:22:24] <GlitterBerri> So he might have new work online in the future
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