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Default marble sky records (#1904)

Okay, it was a bit hard to understand, but I figured it out.

As stated on the official website, "marble sky records" is divided into 3 labels: solfa, luminouscore, madaranosora.


Why was there such a confusion in the publisher name? They were used in different ways, there were many combinations. And on many stores, gaming sites and other sources of information was different.

Explain the logic:
luminouscore is used to release soundtracks and vocal collections.
solfa is used to release the albums of the vocalists themselves.
madaranosora used for doujin albums, except for my sound life (it's not exactly because of the lack of scans / photos).

I would also like to note that the site luminouscore died and transferred their function to the website solfa. You can verify this by going to the works tab and see "Copyright(c) 2012 luminouscore All Rights Reserved." at the bottom of the page.


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