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also, some translation notes:

1) I'm total unsure of 26. The kana "Eua" (a bastardized form of "Eva"?) makes no sense to me. I took this one to multiple J-E bilingual friends and they were like "um..."

2) track 32, the Greek characters... I romanized them, but did not translate. The term "Panta Rhei" is an ancient Greek philosophical term (Heraclitus coined it, I believe?). It means "eternal flow" or some such thing.

3) the opening and ending tracks... the opening track has the Romanized Aramaic phrase "eli lama asabthani?" (also, more often, rendered "eloi eloi lama sabacthani"). This is Jesus on the cross saying "my God why have you forsaken me?" The subsequent Japanese text is exactly that statement. So I left the romanized Aramaic as-is but translated the Japanese text. As for the ending track, the kanji character there is what Christian missionaries have used in China and Japan for the Beatitudes. So instead of writing Beatitudes -Beatitudes-, I just wrote it once.

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