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I tweaked the translation a bit, with more US terms. 風来獣車 would be something like "Wandering ('someone that comes and goes like the wind') Beast Vehicle" but seems like it was just called Gondola in the US, some kind of elevator I believe.

Track 34 is another case of the JP tracklist not being accurate. It happens from time to time and scans like yours are very helpful to check for accuracy, thanks a lot (never trust tracklists even from official jp sites). I feel my eyes will explode someday comparing all these tiny kanji with the printed tracklists tho.

Since this site was created around 2006-2007 most tracklists are submitted in that year but often they are older. Regardless of the year more rechecks are always helpful.
As for the images usually if new scans contain all the older ones it's alright to delete, but in this case I see the obi in the old scans so I'd keep them.
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