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Default KICA-57~8: Mobile Suit Gundam Odyssey


I have accepted your draft, but deleted everything except the cast. I am confused about it because of the following discrepancies between the notes and the formerly linked artists in the draft:

Not in the Notes
3506 Tetsuroh Kashibuchi Composer, Arranger
4663 Yasuhiko Shigemura Composer, Lyricist
34072 Freezer Lyricist
561 Satoshi Kadokura Arranger
10003 Kou Ikeda Performer
27439 The Blessin' Four Performer

Missing from the Draft
0 Daisuke Inoue Vocals, Composition, Arrangement
0 The Buressum Four Chorus
I am not sure where the extra artist come in. Also, you give credits for disc 2-03 as if it were a vocal track, but it looks like it's a drama track, so something is off.

Also, you got the credits for these songs from other albums, which is fine, but you should change 'performer' to 'vocal' (or "chorus", or whatever the actual role is) now that we have the new role system.

So anyway, if you could clean those up and resubmit, I will take a look at them again.
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