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3506 Tetsuroh Kashibuchi Composer, Arranger
Tracks 1.10 and 12 are non-vocal tracks from Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, which were composed and arranged by him. I'll be sure to add the credit to the notes to avoid further confusion though.

4663 Yasuhiko Shigemura Composer, Lyricist
561 Satoshi Kadokura Arranger
Track 2.13 for whatever reason isn't mentioned on the back cover so I neglected to add it's track information, my bad!

10003 Kou Ikeda Performer
34072 Freezer Lyricist
0 Daisuke Inoue Vocals, Composition, Arrangement
I accidentally copied the track information from Gundam Singles History II rather than I, where there's a cover of Eien ni Amuro by Daisuke Inoue.

27439 The Blessin' Four Performer
0 The Buressum Four Chorus
These are one and the same. The reason that it's badly Romanized is because that's the track credit given on other instances of the song on VGMDB.

Also, you give credits for disc 2-03 as if it were a vocal track, but it looks like it's a drama track, so something is off.
The titles indicate that those tracks also play a song in the background of those chapters. In the case of 2.03 "Anime Janai", and in the case of 2.05 "Silent Voice" and "Issenmannen Ginga".
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