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I've always considered adding albums as the final thing that is needed to make the site "feature complete." There is actually code for albums that is about 90% done, but not released. I'm willing to finish it, but I need some suggestions as to how to display albums.

My initial impression was that albums should be displayed like the VGMdb albums are: they have a front cover, and some number of songs. Each song in an album would have a comment associated with the track that could optionally be displayed below it on the album's page. There would also be a "description" field that allows the organizer to provide liner notes or whatever to be displayed above the songs. Comments on this?

Also, some other questions:

1. Every song on Game Remixes is versioned. If a song is updated to a newer version, does the album get the new song automatically or does the artist need to update the album? This might be important for "work in progress" albums where people are collaborating.

2. Should albums just be a collection of songs, or is it important to separate songs into discs (if there is more than one disc)? And if so, does that mean we then need multiple images, one for each disc?

3. Is the "rating" for an album the average of the rating of all songs in the album, or does track order and flow mean the album's rating may be greater or lesser than that of its songs?

4. (Edited later) Do albums have "versions?"

Any comments on how albums should be implemented would be appreciated. I don't want to put something out that is then unusued because there is a major flaw.
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