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Only had a brief listen and the two tracks on this album sound similar but also a little bit different from the main album release. Disclaimer/note: I haven't listed to the main album in a long time.

The Race is ON

On the main album release:
1) It begins immediately with a sustained guitar chord.
2) The drum beat enters at a few seconds later.
3) There is a split second silence at 0:10 before the guitar tri-note arpeggios, the repeating guitar chord and drum beat. Vocals begins at 0:33.

On this album:
1) Sustained guitar chord completely missing.
2) No pre-vocal split second silence.
3) There are the usual guitar tri-note arpeggios and repeating guitar chord but the drum beats completely missing. I think the guitar sounds louder/more emphasised too.
4) Vocals begins at 0:45.
5) Split second silence relocated to right before "the race is on". After "the race is on", the drum beat finally appears at 1:06. i.e. The first part of the vocals have no drum beat accompanying it.

High-speed Monster

Harder to visualise/explain the differences but it seems like the intro/pre-intro has been extended and the instrumentation in this intro is more individually isolated with the usual instruments brought in later.

Also, on the main album release, the main part of the song begins at 0:56, right after the digitally voiced line ("keep on and pray"?). On this album, that doesn't happen until 2:48.

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