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Default Version 2.1.0 released

A new version of remixSite was released today. For this version, I didn't enter any bugs into the bugtracking system, because it could be considered more like half of a release.

Available in this system is the accumulation and display of experience points. Points are being stored for all events, and anyone may view how many experience points a user has on the user's profile page. To look at the specific events where you earned experience, log in and select "Manage experience" from the "profiles" menu.

There is currently no way to spend experience points, and the help page that lists how many points are earned for each action isn't finished. However, I thought that I would release this feature in pieces, so that there isn't a huge crash when everything is released at once, and also so that people can offer comments on how things are progressing. The bugs issue worked well so far, with no 500 server errors caused by the last release.

FoxxDragon hasn't replied to my message about redesigning the site, so I'm going to get the experience points implemented first with the existing design. Once he replies or a week elapses and I contact someone else, the redesign can proceed in parallel.

Please offer your comments on experience so far. I'm also interested in hearing how and whether experience totals should be listed next to user pictures in all the grids. Someone suggested that people can "level up" based upon how much experience they've ever earned, while they can spend experience without affecting their current "level."
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