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Yes just tag your files properly. Either the widely used genre field, or use/or add custom ones ("mood", "type" or whatever you want to call them). Once everything is tagged, play them back with a player with nice database capability and voila. That's how I do it and I'm happy with it.

The nice thing about tagging according to your custom scheme is when you couple it with capable software (foobar2000 e.g.) you have pretty much unlimited possibilities in how you interact with your library. Instead of manually assembling playlists or searching folders you can use simple or advanced database queries like "give me 3 random PS1 soundtracks please that I haven't listened to yet" or "let me listen to some silver age film music" or "give me everything falcom released before the year 2000" or "give me everything with a 4.5/5 rating from the Shutokou Battle series that has a guitar in it". really neat stuff you can do and I wouldn't want to miss that functionality.

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