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This looks to be a very promising season. Lots of big name in there.

Taku Iwasaki- To be honest I haven't been to thrilled about his latest work. Norgami had no orchestra and while The Irregular has his usual melodic genius in select pieces (especially in a lovely romantic cue played in the beginning of the first episode) it's mostly forgettable and tedious to listen too for me. Akame ga Kill!! which is a very dark and action heavy show could be a step in the right direction for Taku. It could very well bring out the best or possibly the worst in him depending on how he decides to go about it. High expectations as of now.

HIROYUKI SAWANO- Sawano doing another mech show eh? I think Unicorn is his second best work losing only to Gigantic Formula which contains hints that Sawano is capable of composing much more contemporary style if he wanted too. One thing I've noticed though is that Sawano seems to get picked for all the EXTREMELY overhyped shows every season these days. Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill and now Aldnoah.Zero. I suppose that signifies the amount of excitement he is able to protrude into his works lol :P

YASUHARU TAKANASHI- As horrible as this may sound I never watched Sailor Moon once during my childhood......

Not because I hated it or anything I just never did end up seeing it. So there is a high chance that I'll be watching the remake. I'm actually not expecting much from Takanashi on this though. Predicting a very precureish style so I'm hoping he'll be able to show us something new with this one.

YUKI HAYASHI - I think this guy is seriously underrated. He's still very new to the composing scene so he still has a lot to learn but there is a lot of potential for him to possibly become a Taku 2.0 ;P (that's an exaggeration but a boy can dream!).

That said he doesn't really get that much of a budget to work with on most of his works. Gundam Build Fighters really let him show off his stuff but Robotics;Notes still trumps it imo. DRAMAtical Murder sounds like it will be rather techno heavy but I'll still be looking forward to it.

TATSUYA KATO- Interesting that last season is the first time we haven't seen good old Tatsuya show up in a long time lol. But he seems to be back in full force with two shows (again....) this season both being sequels. Both of their first seasons had decent music but nothing spectacular.

YOKO KANNO- Girl hasn't had an anime album with her as the head composer for years. Looking for this to be the biggest gem of the season!

KOTARO NAKAGAWA- It's always good to hear from Nakagawa.........but judging from the PV it sounds like it will be another "The unlimited" and "devil survivor 2". This man does not deserve this kind of unjust treatment =/. Give him a budget!

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