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Default EZCD-0016: EtlanZ Best Collection Series Vol.16 Ever Green ~Tapestry of...

Notes about the tracklist. Track 19, 夜空いっぱいの星を集めて was titled 夜空一杯の星を集めて on the official soundtrack release. But as 一杯 and いっぱい are the same thing it's no big deal. Track 22, 遥かな時の彼方へ, though is missing a る, as it should read 遥かな時の彼方へ. Probably just a mistake on part of EtlanZ but I preserved it in the tracklist in any case.

There's also some discrepancy regarding the title. The website claims "EtlanZ New Best Collection Series Vol.1" while the front cover image clearly states "EtlanZ Best Collection Series Vol.16".

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