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Originally Posted by Maskad View Post
I agree, that scans of the booklet for this, as well as for the second Cowboy Bebop OST album (VICL-60202) are needed. The credits in the album notes seem to feature a bunch of typos. I refuse to believe for example, that David Mirandan and David Mirandon are different people, the same for Philippe Nalry + Phirlippe Nalry and Strven Berstein (on this album) + Steven Berstein (on other CB albums). There might be more to be found. If those typos originate from the booklet, I think that should be mentioned somewhere – if not in the album notes, at least in the discussion.
As already mentioned (much) earlier, the discogs scans aren't really legible and I wasn't able to find any better ones to back up any changes. Unfortunately, I only own a European print of the OST (currently not featured here, more or less a French/German version of the "Cowboy Bebop Ultimate Edition Soundtrack" (ANI0376_CD1~3)). However, that release features the discs only. No booklet, no CD-TEXT, no notes, nothing. So to anyone, who owns one or both of these albums: Scans would be helpful and appreciated (at least by me).
VICL-60202 apparently hasn't even got the detailed performer breakdown for the single tracks in the album notes at the moment, although the booklet probably provides them (assuming it's similar OST 1 and 3's booklets).
I can added images from the booklet for this and VICL-60202 after work tonight.
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