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Default ANZX-11056: Orange Mint & Tsukimonogatari Music Collection I

The name of the theme song comes from this image that was on the aniplex news/tsukimonogatari site for a few minutes before being removed:

Speaking of that, it's some sort of ... mp3 player(?) that they're selling in the C87 set, and it includes a talk track (Sakigatari with Hiroshi Kamiya and Saori Hayami) as well as the TV size version of the theme song. Not really sure if it should have an entry here considering the strange "media type".

EDIT: I think the image also has the artists for the theme song on the right but it's quite small to see, maybe comp/arr by mito, lyrics by meg rock and performed by Yotsugi Ononoki (Saori Hayami)?

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