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Question Mystery western jaunty song.

Hi everyone.

I'm here because I believe this forum will be able to help me identify this song I've been searching for weeks now.

Here's the video containing the song.

So the song I'm looking for is not the thrash metal (which is Death by Dawn - Deicide) or Hotline Bling. It's that quirky one with the bizarre vocals that sounds like it came straight out of a Rayman game.

I've made numerous attempts. Shazam, Soundhound, 3 different subreddits (a few reposts after being more than 7-10 days old), listened to full soundtracks of several Rayman games, checked audio sites, requested the YouTuber to post the name; no cigar.

Please help and put my mind (and a few unlucky others) to rest. I appreciate any attempt to assist.

Thanks for having me.
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