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Originally Posted by Kaleb.G View Post
OK, after seeing some of the album title submissions for a couple Castlevania albums, I'd like to propose the following:

"As little user intervention in changing the titles as possible to present suitable English and Japanese titles."

If an album lists both an English and Japanese title, use those for Display and Original respectively (e.g. Castlevania Circle of the Moon & Castlevania Concerto of Midnight Sun Original Soundtrack). Don't go making up some new translation.
I tend to agree with this. I generally think we should only go with a romanization of the original title as the display title in cases where the original and localized titles are completely different (e.g. Sekaiju no MeiQ / Etrian Odyssey). Problem with the Castlevania series though is that while some titles are more or less literal translations there are others that differ entirely.

So it can become a question of either going with what the album is undeniably called, or what 'would make people recognize it easier'.
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