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Originally Posted by Ira View Post
You seem to be emphasizing the use of only what's printed on the album, but didn't you say that at least trademarks should be based on how the publisher prints it elsewhere (because of stylistic variations?) And because I'm pushy about these things, Why only trademarks? If the publisher prints the title a different way (consistently) online/elsewhere can't that be assumed to be the correct title and the one printed on the album a stylistic one?
Where would you place those in this hierarchy? (note that there might be both English and Japanese titles from the official website)

Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
Is it preferable to edit the albums where the artist name is added in a different way than the front cover and spine or our [.../ Artist] format? (like this, unless I'm missing something).
We could edit them, but I don't expect it's mandatory. If more people change their minds, we could end up going with [ Artist / ] as the standard instead. Note though that album is actually [ / Artist ] on the spine.

Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
You mean, Original
Oops, i'd better fix that.
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