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Maybe the circle graph will solve the problem of identifying vocal albums from those albums that just have an OP or ED.
I think one problem with a circle graph is how to handle some classifications that essentially overlap other ones (Vocal, and possibly Remaster). I once suggested multiple graphs in the feedback forum, but perhaps we can just add the percentage to the end of each selected classification and that may work enough (for instance, NieR is Original Soundtrack (98%), Remix (2%), Vocal (95~100%).

DJCD based on characters in a game or anime should be categorized as game or anime.
I'd appreciate it details to what degree it has to be "based on characters". As you may already be aware, in most game-related radio shows, voice actors rarely speak in the characters of the games except for occasional game quotes and a possible short drama part (I can't swear this myself because I have never heard a Radio/DJCD album, but I'll sample some radio shows over the next week to have conviction), but as long as game characters are featured somewhere, should the category be Game?

I don't think we regard FFVII Advent Children as Game just because it has game characters like Cloud or Sephiroth (despite the lack of a consensus on whether the product field should have the game name or not), and I personally want to handle radios in the same way, epecially if a radio also has an own product name.
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