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If you want to reduce the number of classification, I'd suggest merging Image and Commercial because when the VG industry uses j-pop songs for Commercial, not in the game, they are often called Image Songs.

By the way, even with so many classifications, I still think it's a bit tricky how to handle the case where the soundtrack and the actual in-game music sound different. This typically happens when the OST covers the composer's original intention that he/she had to give up due to the limitation of the console (the space of memory, the number of channel, whatnot). Or when the album includes a longer version of the opening FMV theme song that is shortened in the game. Or when the composer changes music for an OST release (Go Shiina seems to have this tendency).

If both the original version and the in-game version are included, I think we tend to classify the other as "Arrangement" but when only the original version is there, I'm not sure which to select (for instance, our FFXII entry is still classified as Original Soundtrack). I think this may be related to how to use "Remaster" which the current guideline message doesn't refer to.
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