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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
I'd say the only difference is that an image album will typically end up being like a "beta" version of the OST, with at least some themes from the image album making it into the finished product, though perhaps after being further arranged/edited. As far as I know image singles usually feature vocal track(s) that don't end up in the finished product at all.
Well, if so, I'm not sure about my latest post. I want "Unused" to be "Unused/Prototype", since this database already has several albums that have prototypes versions (listed below), but "Image" looks closer to "Unused/Prototype" in some attributes than "Commercial"... (indeed, I worry if "Image", "Prototype" and "Unused" are basically the same in that it's composed for a specific product but not used). Maybe I need to think more carefully before suggesting whatever is on my mind (according to this comment, they are indeed the prototype versions)
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