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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I've never heard this FF12 album, so I don't know what it really is. Why doesn't it fit into any of our current or proposed classifications?
Sakimoto created the score using his equipment, i.e. in a streamed fashion. At some point during the development it was decided to only include the score in sequenced form and Sakimoto refused to do the necessary adaption. So Keiji Kawamori (according to Lierre at cocoebiz) had to adapt the score to PS2, simplifying it rather significantly on the way. The OST uses the sound as done by Sakimoto, not as actually used in-game.

There are other cases like this one, e.g. the Valkyrie Profile DS OST uses newly done arrangements by Sakuraba, while the actual in-game sound was ported (in the cases of reused music from VP1) respectively adapted by Hideki Sakamoto and Yasuhiro Kawagoe (whether that's a case like FF12 I don't know). Tales of Innocence OST, battle tracks from Tales of Legendia apply as well. The reverse case (score redone just for the OST instead direct in-game recordings for whatever reason) exists as well: Tales of Destiny "OST", Tales of Eternia "OST" take one, take two and Tales of Phantasia "OST".

Since usually people expect to hear the sounds just like in-game at least some kind of note that the sound does diverge significantly in the above cases is definitely warranted. I don't know if that should be done through classifications though.
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