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Default Thanks Bush!

Got this from another forum and thought I'd share it with you guys even if you have heard about it already, definitely check into it especially if you live in the U.S.

I personally think this is dumbest move to make in order to tackle piracy, because it's going to cause so much controversy as they're going to go after the wrong people regardless of whether they created the pirated material in the first place, which is who they should be after. I admit I have downloaded stuff off the internet but who hasn't? Reason why I choose to is not because I don't like buying stuff, it's the fact that the majority of it is outside of my country where I can't get a hold of it and I don't have the money to grab out of my ass to pay for all of it. Every once in awhile I tend to purchase a few cds here and there since I like to collect stuff. I just don't see how a person like me is causing the downfall for the industry >.<

It's also an invasion of privacy which really pisses me off that they can do this if this passes. Feel free to speak on this issue and share.

In a bid to avoid the lowest presidential approval rating in 70 years*, President Bush signed the PRO-IP Act into law today. While not quite on par with, say, an ultimate solution to the world economic crisis, the law will create new jobs, er, one new job: The Intellectual Property Czar.

Backed by the RIAA and MPAA, the PRO-IP Act has drawn criticism for its potential for extreme punishment. In its proposed state, the act could grant the government permission to seize all computers and compatible devices from a home if a single, pirated MP3 was discovered on one of the machines. So, about that approval rating ...

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