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Hm... I think "low piracy" became already some kind of "standard". Well, I don't talk about these hardcore media pirates with TBs of data at home. More about casual computer users.
I personally buy what I'm able to buy and really wan't to buy. I import what I'm able to import. Of course, money is limited but I can also wait a bit and save some money up.
Anyway... there are CDs (mostly doujins) I'll never be able to own physically, because there's no way for me to target/purchase them. In such cases, I have to be satisfied with a lossy copy on my HDD.
When it comes to regular VGM, I couldn't imagine to call myself a fan/lover without spending money. Let's take Uematsu as an example. He's such a genius. A little bit of money is the smallest token of gratitude he deserves for what he has brought to us. I would have seriously paid 200€ for the FFVII OST, if I had to, because this music is priceless.
The USA is just the detonator of this phenomenon. Our digital world will be observed more and more. I believe we'll encounter a comparable situation very soon here in europe (or in my case germany).

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