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Yes, there are FFXV arrangements on this version. This is just a cursory comparison, diffing SQEX-10551~2/SQEX-10599~600 with this release.

On SQEX-10551~2 but not on this release:

2.01 "Massive Explosion (Instrumental)" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-
2.16 "Massive Explosion (Short ver.)" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-
2.18 "Massive Explosion -Novoiski Remix-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-
On SQEX-10599~600 but not on this release:

1.03 "Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY
1.04 "Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II
1.19 "God in Fire -arrange-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
2.09 "Servant of the Crystal -arrange- (Chorus ver.)" FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0
2.16 "Cantata Mortis -arrange-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
2.17 "The Beginning of the End -arrange- (Chorus ver.)" from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0
2.19 "Massive Explosion (Acoustic ver.)" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-
2.20 "The Beginning of the End (Acoustic ver.)" from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0
On this release but not others:

1.01 At Long Last
1.02 Burgeoning Life
1.03 Character Selection (NT)
1.04 Briefing Selection (NT)
1.05 Customization (NT)
1.06 Beginnings
1.22 Luck's Chime
1.38 Reflection
1.39 Reunion
1.40 Ready for War
1.41 Fulfillment
1.42 Get Into Gear
1.43 Harmony
1.44 Discord
1.64 Stand Your Ground (Arrangement)
1.65 The Fight Is On! (Arrangement)
1.66 Veiled in Black (Arrangement)
1.67 Careening Into Danger (Arrangement)
1.68 APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (Arrangement)
1.70 Declaration (Clash of the Gods)
1.73 Winner (Clash of the Gods)
1.74 Loser (Clash of the Gods)
1.86 Victory Fanfare (Rivals)
1.89 The Root of It All
1.90 Battle with Ifrit
1.91 Massive Explosion (DFFNT Arrangement)
1.92 Battle with Ramuh
1.93 Battle with Leviathan
1.94 Battle with Odin
1.95 Battle with Alexander
1.96 Massive Explosion (Strings ver.)
1.97 The Planesgorger Cometh
1.98 Dare to Defy
1.99 The Dragon Sups
1.100 It Ends Here
1.101 For the Sake of the World
1.102 DISSIDIA NT Ending
Any song that is on both releases doesn't sound changed to me.

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