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Some additional notes about this release:

- M20 credits Keiji Kawamori as composer but SQEX-10552 doesn't have individual composer breakdowns (it was assumed at the time that everything was composed by Takeharu Ishimoto assuming it didn't come from a previous FF release). Added Keiji Kawamori as a composer on SQEX-10551~2.
- M54 should credit Nobuo Uematsu because it uses the Prelude motif.
- M55 is orchestra and uses what sounds like the Crouch End Festival Chorus but is not part of the "Orchestra Recording Section" on SQEX-10551 and neither release credits Kentaro Sato. Not sure if miscredit or not, it's possible Ishimoto just used some generic Choral samples that they had the Chorus record.
- Inserts identify M56 (Character Selection) as arranged by Takeharu Ishimoto and Kentaro Sato and M57 (Customization) as arranged by Takeharu Ishimoto but this is likely a mistake. On SQEX-10551, those tracks are in reverse order (D1M04 = Customization; D1M05 = Character Selection) and correctly credited. Kentaro Sato is only an arranger on the orchestrated songs and Character Selection is a rock medley (though I think it does use Crouch End Festival Chorus with the same choral motif in Massive Explosion). Customization is an orchestra.
- M71,M78 says C/A Takeharu Ishimoto but SQEX-10599~600 lists Kentaro Sato as the arranger (in Orchestra Recording Section). Probably a miscredit on Dissidia NT since these are both Orchestra tracks.
- M87 (Explosion) is a pared down version of Massive Explosion without the band parts.

- Found typo in album info in SQEX-10599~600 during cross reference.
- Corrected a few mistranscribed artists
- Corrected typo on M51
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