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Default Anime OSTs with full-length compositions

I'm reaching out to Anime OST aficionados to help me with a specific request.

Most of my anime forays have been Yoko Kanno related. As you're aware, Kanno is somehow "special" in that directors apparently just hire her, she composes whatever, and then they cut her music to their animation. The OSTs, of course, retain the compositions in their uncut form.

I'm looking for more anime OSTs that have music like that. Most anime OSTs I browse have BGM that are obviously written as traditional music cues and precisely timed to the onscreen action (clocking in at an average of 1 minute, rarely exceeding the 2 minute mark).

I'm interested in more OSTs like this with what I consider to be full-length compositions.

Aside from Kanno, I liked all the other composers on that X CLAMP album. I'm also especially fond of the prolific Kohei Tanaka, Akifumi Tada, and Hayato Matsuo. I have all of Tsuneo Imahori's stuff as well, but he produces relatively little in the way of composition (please tell me if this database is missing any of his work!)

I'm really into retro stuff from the 80s and early 90s as well--again, so long as it's full-length BGM (not vocal tracks/songs).

I'm ready for your recommendations.
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