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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
By this logic, we would be allowed to add to this database every composer who a big game company just hired or every new seiyuu who just made a debut via a major talent agency, because we expect they will surely be credited in albums, the near future. A boy who believes he'll be a big name in the industry could create his own entry here before proving himself, if it may be as certain to him as an OP single of Saki will be released.
lol wat?
man, I only speak about products and about products sure will get albums, it's just a matter of time before it's out that's all

you didn't make that remark for "Lightning Returns: FFXIII" and it was added long before that saki zenkoku-hen (and the game is not even out)
so what? I'll be curious to know your excuse for that entry

edit: I just noticed your "FF Versus XIII", this one is even worse (release date is 0: I guess it was out when jesus was born )

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