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Nice to have this segment back in VGMDecibel, and great job done by Pat. I really like that Secret of Mana song you chose Pat, and I'm a big fan of NiGHTS and Dreams Dreams as well. I tend to listen to a lot of Sasaki, Hataya, and Radio DC stuff around Christmas actually. Christmas NiGHTS was in fact released in the U.S. as a small promotional disc. I forget where exactly I got mine... It might have been included in a Sega-related magazine or something. But for a long time it was tradition for me to play Christmas NiGHTS and NiGHTS around Christmas time. The Music Box feature you could unlock in Christmas NiGHTS was just too cool. I think Pat makes a good point about the MJ deal in Sonic 3. Seems likely that they would try to cover it up if Michael wasn't satisfied with the quality of the sound. Well done guys.

- Justin Pfeiffer
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