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Congratulations on the first show!

The chemistry between the two of you is natural, and I certainly like that; I must say I appreciate the information given throughout the show, mostly regarding the composers. After hearing Carl's review about 7th Dragon, and liking Yuzo, I'm certainly giving the soundtrack a try. Admittedly I had no knowledge of the game, though... I already ordered the Daytona USA set, so... =P

I'm always a sucker for peoples' stories when it comes to their first game and things of that nature, so I enjoyed learning about how both of you got into VGM, your first OST purchases and all that made you fall into the addiction that is VGM. Because I agree with you Carl, it is one. =P

Again, I really enjoyed the show, but my only possible gripe being how sometimes Akumu would get a bit too close to the microphone. It's nothing that deters the experience, but certainly something that can be improved upon.

Before I forget, the US release of Killer Instinct included the soundtrack you mentioned, Akumu. You were referring to this one, though, right?

Also, there was a Monster Hunter release for the PS2 in the US during 2004, but I agree: the series is essentially a cult game, at least here in the US, making its music relatively unknown. I personally am not much of a fan, but do appreciate the music, though.

Looking forward to the next ep!!
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