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This is a nice new show. Good job, guys!

I too liked hearing about how you two got into VGM; it invokes a feeling of nostalgia. I could go on about how as a kid, I would hold a tape recorder up to my TV to record Secret of Mana, Sonic 3, Street Fighter II, and more. Though my earliest VGM moments dated back to the NES, largely with the Mega Man soundtracks.

A few things I wanted to mention:

Koshiro did work on Brawl. He arranged the main Legend of Zelda theme and also "Norfair" from Metroid.

Since Akumu spoke a lot about Symphonic Shades, should the album be mentioned on the "Featured" list? Or perhaps you'd like to give a review proper to the album in an upcoming show?

More album reviews in general would be nice. While two reviews per show is certainly better than none, it only covers a maximum of four albums per month. I'm sure you guys could double the count, or at least up it slightly. I just think this show would be good to highlight some albums that would otherwise slip through the cracks, and the more albums you can get to (and still have time to give them a proper review), the better.

Akumu, you should iron out that mic situation. There's definitely something wrong there. I don't know if it's a user error, or just a crappy mic. Do some test recordings on your own or with Carl and see how you can reduce the noise so we can more clearly hear your rich, sexy Norwegian accent.
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