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Things that we figured out:

- Sukitokimekitokisu is just the incantation and isn't really meant to be translated. I broke it out to two syllable meter because that's how they sing it in the song. They actually sing "Suki toki meki su", which we think is just to keep the meter of the song. Translating this would be like trying to translate "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe".
- Children's Consultation Phone Room is one of the drama parts and they have participants call in. So it's like a radio show, or possibly a dial-in hotline (similiar to suicide hotlines, etc).

Things that we're still not sure about

- Wa ta Teku Romance. No idea what Wa ta teku is. Wa ta tech?
- Class B Action of Love sounds strange in English. Might be able to be translated better, post a suggestion if you feel it could be improved.
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