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  • Added new roles: Sound Producer, Sound Director, Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Mastering Studio.
  • Secondary roles will now appear on albums if not empty.
    Click the "[Extra Credits]" link on the top right of the album info to switch between them and the main credits.
  • Added media type column to simple search results.
  • Added all roles to the "Credited works" section of artists instead of just the 4 main ones, sorted by amount of credits.
  • You can now search for barcodes using the simple search. Searching for a complete barcode will bring up the album if found.
  • Added duplicate warning for barcodes when adding a new album.
  • Added "*" to search for non-empty fields in advanced search.
  • Added artist notes to advanced search fields.
  • Fixed shop links when using https:// or omitting "www." from the link.
  • Amazon http links are no longer hidden.
  • Added "Batch Link Artists" to "Manage Artists".
    This will allow editors to quickly add a comma-separated list of artists for secondary roles like Engineers.
  • Fixed artist "Manage Credits" to keep unit links when editing artists linked to units.
  • Added "top" link at the bottom of the calendar.
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