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  • Added a new subformat field for certain media types.
    CD: Mini CD, CD-R
    Vinyl and Flexi Disc: Size and RPM
  • Added a new "A-Side Tracks" field for Vinyl, Cassette and Flexi Disc.
    Setting this to a number, for example 5, will automatically show the sides separation in the tracklist. This info should be removed from the album notes.
    This data is not inherited from child albums, so it will be possible to have CD reprints of Vinyls without having the side info in the CD entry.
  • Disc headers in tracklist now also show the media format and catalog. They are hidden if they're all the same, and the same as the album catalog.
  • Copy Protection field for media is now hidden for formats other than CD and DVD.
  • Artist name conflicts in album "Manage Artists" now also show the amount of works for that particular role. The list is also sorted based on that amount.
  • Tweaked simple search header alignment.
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