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  • Added a new favicon (thanks nextday!)
  • Empty tracks in tracklists will now appear as "(no title available)", in a different color. Example
  • Added "Sony PlayStation 5" and "Microsoft Xbox Series X" to platforms.
  • Added CD-ROM and Mini CD-R to CD subformats.
  • Added "Studio" and "Sub-studio" types to artists, same behavior as unit and unit alias.
    They are excluded from the artist statistics, and appear separated from staff members on organizations.
    Sub-studios are also separated from normal aliases in the Studio page.
  • Added Media tab to the "My Submissions" page.
  • Added more statistics to the "VGMdb Submissions" tab of user profiles.
  • Some 30-days statistics were disabled and are now hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with Artist Link advanced search.
  • Added Copy Protection values to media modqueue.
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