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  • The Edit Tracklist box now properly handles existing and new subtracks by indenting them.
  • Added a new "Transfer title, length and subtracks" option for trusted editor+ to automatically create new subtracks in the tracklist when pasting indented subtracks in the box.
    Subtracks can be indented with spaces or tabs.
  • All non-standard spaces are now replaced with normal spaces when using the Edit Tracklist box, making it possible to paste tracklists separated by tabs (for example from yodobashi).
  • The album/artist/product/organization link in discussion threads will now appear in the first post of every page instead of just in the first one.
  • Added disambiguation to Browse Products and Browse Organizations pages.
  • Fixed several issues with subtrack times and multiple tracklists.
  • Fixed an issue with adding new tracks when the last track had a subtrack.
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