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  • Unlinked products and organizations are now clickable links that lead to a search for albums that contain that product/org name in the respective field.
    Products example:
    Editors are encouraged to "link" products and organizations even if we don't have entries for them.
  • Added DVD-ROM subformat.
  • Added release date in "Browse Products" page.
  • Added color legend in "Browse Products", product, organization and event pages.
  • Sub-product release dates in franchises are now in YYYY-MM-DD format instead of YYYY-M-D.
  • Removed Notes field from products. All existing notes have been moved to the Description field, which now supports line breaks.
  • Tracks named "[Data Track]" (case insensitive) will now appear as "(data track)" in the tracklist, with a different color.
  • It's now possible to leave discs empty when submitting a new tracklist, for those albums where the bonus disc shouldn't have one.
  • "Add New Track" in the "Edit Tracklist" page now also works if the disc tracklist is empty.
  • Added Disambiguation in recent updates product/organization tabs.
  • Changed Publisher column in events to work with the new organization links.
  • The maximum amount of pending albums was reduced to 20.
  • Added missing media format in album history.
  • Added missing product ID in product history.
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