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  • The "What's New" page is now the main page for the domain.
    If you preferred the old one, you can still find it at this link.
  • Added more shop icons and updated old ones (thanks nextday!)
  • Improved OpenGraph tags on albums.
  • The Twitter title above twitter feeds is now a clickable link.
Added 3/7:
  • Image thumbnails now retain transparency information and use a better algorithm for resizing.
Added 7/7:
  • Zero-width spaces and LRM/RLM are now automatically filtered from album titles and tracklists.
  • The default portrait picture is now hidden for studios and units.
  • Trusted editors are now able to delete organization/product logos/websites.
  • Recent update lists are limited to 15 days to avoid performance issues when using certain filters.
  • Improved performance for the portraits list in "My Submissions".
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